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Re: package update lag on powerpc

On Sun, Feb 20, 2000 at 07:14:38PM -0600, Kevin Puetz wrote:
> dan@debian.org said:
> > I feel like I've answered this question a thousand times....
> You have, I asked at least once before.
> > There is a build daemon now, but only for potato, and I do not have
> > time to fix all of its failures by hand.  There are also packages
> > which build but present warnings which indicate serious problems, and
> > I mark to look at later.  I've posted the list a few times.  No one
> > else seems quite inspired enough to look at them, either.
> Could the list be put somewhere (on the web) periodically? Espescially with 
> some kind of a status whiteboard so we don't all try the same ones - though I 
> guess posting bug-report updates could work for that.
> Also, I've actually got several such packages built locally, but with no idea 
> how I should go about getting them into FTP. I just don't really want to open 
> bug reports when the actual source for the maintainer is fine, it just needs 
> apt-get source -b <pkg> and an upload...
> I have a site (at southpole.penguinpowered.com) where some of my stuff is 
> up... I would be willing to aid in the shoveling of these files, but I expect 
> I speak for quite of few of us who aren't developers (by which I mean official 
> debian  developers) in not being sure what do do with the packages we've built.

Those are generally not-uploaded for a reason - either because they
slipped through the cracks of the buildd (my fumblings at setting it up
caused a few such) or because they raised red flagged warnings during
compilation and I marked them for a look before uploading.  I've posted
that list too.  I know, I need to make it more available.  I'm working
on it.


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