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SSH buglist cleanup.

# This was RC
severity 52317 fixed
# This was RC
severity 51306 fixed
severity 55385 fixed
severity 49736 fixed
severity 58462 fixed
severity 45595 fixed
severity 57619 fixed
severity 54479 fixed
severity 58532 fixed
severity 57982 fixed
severity 53554 fixed
severity 58509 fixed

	These bugs seem to be fixed as of 1:1.2.2-1. I apologize
	for gathering them all in the same message; it was so much
	easier to do this in on big hunk. Just scroll until you
	see your bug mentioned..

	If you disagree with my reasoning, just upgrade the severity
	again and Cc: me with your thoughts, or just reply and I will
	do the same.

	If you do reply, *please* strip the extra addresses from the

	I will start making an NMU as soon as I can make some sense
	of what's left of these bugs. If you want to help, show up
	on irc, email me or check out 
	and create patches for things I'm not actively fixing..

52317 (RC):
	A:				B:
	ssh hostname			ssh hostname
	tty  (gives /dev/pts/7)		cat >/dev/pts/7
					foo (shows up on A)
	exit (ssh quits)		bar (gives
					"cat: write error: 
					Input/output error")

	Thus, this is fixed.

51306 (RC):
	Believed to be fixed upstream, no response from submitter
	since 19 Dec 1999.

	openssh (1:1.2.2-1) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
	  * patch SSHD_PAM_SERVICE back into auth-pam.c, again :-/
	    (closes: #49902, #55872, #56959)
	Last part of patch is best handled with a separate
	config option, similarly to PrintMotd. That bug is
	left open in the form of #55042.

	ssh hostname
	(gives /dev/pts/7, this Unix98 pty's are in use)

	openssh (1:1.2.2-1) frozen unstable; urgency=medium
	  * use socketpairs as suggested by Andrew Tridgell to eliminate rsync
	    (and other) lockups

	I see no such dependency. This was probably inherited from
	ssh-nonfree. Then again, even ssh-nonfree does not depend
	on libpam-cracklib.

	openssh (1:1.2pre13-1) unstable; urgency=low
	  * enable forwarding to localhost in default ssh_config
	    (closes: #50373)

	(I belive the submitter means /etc/login.defs, not /etc/login)
	Certain parts of /etc/login.defs have been deprecated in favor
	of PAM. It is of no use emulating these parts, when login itself
	no longer supports them. You should use PAM, and get it correct
	on both ssh and login at once. Look at pam_env.so.

	The ssh client uses low ports by default for a rarely-used
	authentication mechanism. If you don't like this, either
	chmod u-s /usr/bin/ssh (that's what I do), or use the
	UsePrivilegedPort config setting. And no, this does not
	violate any RFCs any more than rsh does. I'm opening a 
	wishlist bug report to have ssh be non-suid by default.

	Same as above, except that always binding to the same port
	is impossible, so the submitters suggestion just won't work.

	There is no reason to file bugs about how bugs should be

	The submitter only removed the package, but did not purge
	it. This means the configuration files were still intact.
	He then removed the configuration files and tried to upgrade
	the package; dpkg detects removed configuration files and
	specifically does not try to resurrect them. Thus, the submitter
	ended up with no /etc/ssh/sshd_config. He should have only
	removed the ssh_host_key file, or dpkg --purge the package.
	This is a standard, documented feature in dpkg, not a bug.
	If you have a beef with this, file it against dpkg.

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