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RE: Man gets to be su?

> > eof@burrken:~$ man
> > What manual page do you want?
> > eof@burrken:~$ su
> > Password:
> > burrken:/home/eof# man
> > su: option requires an argument -- c

> I just tried this exact thing and had no problem. Can I ask 
> what version
> of kernel you are running? I had some weird similar problem 
> running the
> latest 2.3.47-pre.

I'm still on the debians image 2.2.14-1, quite a new installation.

I have been fooling around with pam-settings though, if that could have
anything with it to do.

And more, now when typing "man" I get as above, but typing "man pam", I get
the menpage!

Regards, EOF

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