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Re: Bug#58212: Mutt in slink-proposed-updates doesn't allow write access

> On Feb 16, Dave <dms22@cam.ac.uk> wrote:
>  >Opening any mailbox (local or nfs) I can't get write access which makes mutt
>  >rather useless. This time, mutt_dotlock has been included as part of the
>  >package but doesn't appear to be doing its job. Downgrading to 0.95, as ever,
>  >works wonderfully. Please can we have either a working version of 1.0 in slink
>  >or nothing at all in proposed-updates, since I'm having to annoy my sysadmin
>  >far too much over this one!
> ftpmaster: please remove all mutt packages from proposed-updates.
> There are too many bug reports like this one opened.
> Dave: the Y2K fix is not critical.

I wasn't suggesting that it was. I was merely saying that the package, as it
stands, is completely unusable - which I consider to be a critical bug. I have
no problems with using a pre-Y2K version, but please don't put a buggy newer
version in there instead.



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