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Re: Debian for kids

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Keith G. Murphy wrote:
> If x amount of effort goes into "robustifying", and y amount goes into
> doing kid themes, etc.
> If you do a "robustify" package, and a "kid" package, both of which
> you'd want to install for kids, but are not interdependent, I could see
> lots of folks benefitting from the "robustify" package.  Now whether
> this is worth the (any?) extra effort on your part to separate these
> things out, is entirely your call.  I don't even know if you planned to
> put much effort into "x".

This is, in fact, the model that Debian is built on.  Debian breaks the
problem of putting a system together down into individual packages that
may be chosen by the sys admin.  Clearly if there is ever created a
package called:


in, let's say, the "admin" section, then the hypothetical "tasks-" package
for children I referred to in my earlier post might pull this in
automatically.  Or perhaps even better, these "knobs" will be just added
as "low" priority debconf questions like:

	"Some users think it's fun to change their password frequently
	 and then bother the sys admin in a daily ritual, anxiously
	 proclaiming that they have forgotten it.  Deal with this sort
	 of problem by setting a minimum # of days that must elapse
	 before a password can be changed again (y/N)?"

[ For the humor-impaired, this is entirely tongue-in-cheek :) I am
  *not* proposing that we solve the problem this way. ]

> As I said before, good luck.

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