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Re: Can't upgrade cleanly from slink to potato

On Sun, Feb 13, 2000 at 09:24:16PM +0000, Chris Butler wrote:
> Trying to upgrade my slink box to today's potato doesn't work that smoothly:
> E: This installation run will require temporarily removing the essential
> package perl-base due to a Conflicts/Pre-Depends loop. This is often bad,
> but if you really want to do it, activate the APT::Force-LoopBreak option.
> E: Internal Error, Could not early remove perl-base
> Is this a known issue?

I saw that too, when I upgraded from slink Perl to potato Perl.

It's Very Ugly(TM). It must be fixed.

enJoy -*/\*- don't even try to pronounce my first name

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