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Re: ANNOUNCE: python-apt

On Mon, 14 Feb 2000, Daniel Burrows wrote:

>   (crossing my fingers and hoping I'm posting to the right list for this)

Oh, sure, why not..
>   Hello, all.  I've started working on Python bindings for the APT libraries.
> I've gotten enough done to have a somewhat useful preliminary version which

Ooh, I've wanted someone to do this for such a long time! Congrats.

Would you mind writing up a document describing how you want your
interface to work? 

For this to be quite usefull it needs a good natural python interface,
probably one that doesn't exactly match the C++ one - that was built for
efficiency not ease of use.

For instance, I'd instantiate a records parser at the start and make it
implicitly available when you do things like:



That seems like a natural sort of interface to have..


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