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Re: should we split up the Packages file in main (for woody)

> > > ok, lets face it.. the packages file in slink is something like <500K
> > > (in i386) in potato its >800K.. i think it might be time to start
> > > splitting it up... 
> > Lets wait for package pools, which should help with this as well.
> Why? It will make things worse because there will be more package+versions
> avaiable!
> I think the correct thing to do here is to have a pair of package files,
> 'Sunday' and 'today' - 'today' would contain anything new since 'sunday'
> and once a week or so 'sunday' would rebuild completely. If removals of
> versions were coordinated with the sunday roll over then this would work
> perfectly. That would require package pools (or a big dinstall overhall) 
> Clients would just download both.

 It could easily done now without touching anything. Just keep the current
Packages.gz file, and add a Packages-20000213.gz and a
Packages-20000215.diff.gz (or bz2).
 And someday client utilities would be updated to take advantage of this.

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