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Re: should we split up the Packages file in main (for woody)

In article <20000213235441.B4657@zanaga.uusikaupunki.fi> you wrote:

> actually.. what is the purpose of package-pools, i have seen the directory 
> there why what is it's purpose (or what will it be)

Go search the debian-devel list archives.  I don't recall how long ago, but
my first wistful post on the subject was years ago.

The short version is that instead of having different trees populated with 
packages, we put them all in one "pool", and create various Packages files
that point into the pool for the packages and package versions they want to
include.  A little database magic to ensure we're keeping all the versions
any Package file is pointing to in the pool, and we get a *lot* of flexibility
to support different "flavors" of Debian... be they different stability levels
between stable and unstable, different subsets for different target audiences,
or whatever.  I had originally thought about symlink trees for each flavor,
but I believe the current thought is to just have different Packages files,
which in light of apt is a really neat optimization of the concept.


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