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Re: Packages removed from frozen

On Thu, Feb 10, 2000 at 12:49:16PM +1100, Tyson Dowd wrote:
> Many of these sytems can be compiled to an intermediate language (e.g.
> C) which could be inspected if you wanted to.  Then you just have to
> decide whether you trust the C compiler.
> Of course, I pity you greatly if you try to audit the code output by
> the Mercury compiler ;-)

Well, I really pity the person who is going to audit the GNAT assembly -
~20 MB of Ada source code producting a 3 MB binary means a whole lot
of assembly - and this assuming that we can somehow verify the gcc 2.8.1
part of the code simply. (Apply the patches to a pure 2.8.1 and diff 

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