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Re: Debian for kids (long)

On Wed, 9 Feb 2000, Joe Block wrote:
> Python is a nice learner language - interpreted, no pointers to worry
> about, does gc for you.  And once you do learn it, you can do powerful
> stuff, it isn't a toy language by any means.

Those are good points.  Although my first language and first project was
in Pascal, the first PC in the house was a TRS-80 Model I, so much of my
early programming efforts were in BASIC, not Pascal.  As much as I may
have reason to be biased against BASIC as a beginning language, doing GC
for you was one of its strengths.  The lack of GC, and having to deal with 
pointers are precisely why I wouldn't use C today.

Today, I'm thoroughly hooked on Perl, but such a commotion has been made
over Python lately, with many reports from friends and acquaintances that
"I used to use Perl, but ever since I switched to Python, I've never
looked back" that I'll have to give it serious consideration.

That Windows program sounds intriguing.  Any chance you'd be interested in
doing a GPL'd clone? :)

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