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Re: crypto support in potato

On 8 Feb 2000, Tom Rothamel wrote:
> In tom.lists.debian-devel, you wrote:
> > Isn't this bass-ackwards?  Youre using the network to get packages to make
> > your system secure? 
> I'm not sure if it is. How would using a virgin system to install a
> ssh package over the network make it any less secure than installing
> the same package off of a cdrom?
> A system, in theory, starts off with perfect network security but
> little functionality. (ie, no ports open.)

Ah, true.  I guess with no ports open, there really is minimal risk.  Just
man-in-the-middle (as mentioned in another post) and protecting against
that is even more paranoid than my own policies are for installing

OK, just ignore me then ... a mis-think caused no doubt from posting
late in the day with a fuzzy brain. :)

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