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Re: Make: Obscure bug with wildcards

On 6 Feb 2000, Andreas Jaeger wrote:

> Could you try the appended patch for make?  make doesn't properly
> initialize d_type - and this might be the problem (I noticed a similar
> problem with wildcards in glibc which was fixed with this patch from
> Andreas Schwab).
> Andreas
> --- dir.c
> +++ dir.c	2000/01/20 15:40:41
> @@ -1044,6 +1044,9 @@
>  	      d->d_namlen = len - 1;
>  #endif
> +	      d->d_type = DT_UNKNOWN;
> +#endif
>  	      memcpy (d->d_name, df->name, len);
>  	      return d;
>  	    }

Thanks, Andreas.  This seems to fix the problem for me.  I have tried it
both on the upstream make-3.78.1 from ftp.gnu.org and the one from Debian
and it works now (both on the testsuite and on the original cln sources).
In any case, there do not seem to be any changes in the *.c and *.h files
between upstream and the Debian-patched make, they only apply to
configuration and stuff.

I suggest this fix to be incorporated into Debian's make and submitted
upstream.  (This *is* really a bug in make, not in glibc and friends, is

Richard Kreckel

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