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Re: mutt and ncurses

On Mon, Jan 31, 2000 at 09:59:20PM +0000, Roland Rosenfeld wrote:
> IIRC we discussed this some weeks ago.  I personally prefer ncurses
> (Thomas Roessler, the upstream maintainer, also does so), because this
> handles "default colors" much better than SLang (the latter one needs
> an environment variable to be set, to work correct).


> Someone (Wichert or Brandon?) suggested to use SLang, because this

It sure as hell wasn't me.  I far prefer ncurses to slang.

> IMHO the difference is not too grave, so we can step over to ncurses5.

I agree.  People with tight bandwidth should be using ssh -C anyway.

> But please change the muttrc to use "default" instead of "black" as
> the background color.


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