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Re: Make: Obscure bug with wildcards

At 16:33 +0100 2000-02-06, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
>Could you try the appended patch for make?  make doesn't properly
>initialize d_type - and this might be the problem (I noticed a similar
>problem with wildcards in glibc which was fixed with this patch from
>Andreas Schwab).
>--- dir.c
>+++ dir.c	2000/01/20 15:40:41
>@@ -1044,6 +1044,9 @@
> 	      d->d_namlen = len - 1;
> #endif
>+	      d->d_type = DT_UNKNOWN;
> 	      memcpy (d->d_name, df->name, len);
> 	      return d;
> 	    }

This patch seems to work. I've also discovered that backing out the last
change to sysdeps/generic/glob.c in glibc works (not that I advocate that
as a solution).
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