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Re: Debdiff project announcement.

> paul (paul@cvanet.com) wrote:
> > On Sat, 5 Feb 2000, Joey said:
> > > > 
> > > > 
> > > > > InfoWorld recently (along with many misquotes) pointed out that Debian
> > > > > (which is controlled by Corel) has put a lot of work into online updates. i
> > > >    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!
> > > >     I really, really hope that that the above underscored is one of
> > > > the many misquotes.  Someone needs to send them a polite letter if
> > > > they actually blankly said that.
> > > >     Actually, if what you wrote is true, someone probably needs to
> > > > send them a letter explaining things anyway.  If anything, Debian is
> > > > closer to controlling Corel's distribution than the other way around.
> > > 
> > > Please dump us (=press@debian.org) a proper URL and we'll try to
> > > resolve this.
> > > 
> > I don't believe that this is the same one, but it's just as bad or worse:
> > 
> > 		http://www.infoworld.com/articles/hn/xml/00/01/31/000131hnnewsbriefs.xml
> yep, that's exactly it. anyone else subscribe to the printed version? in
> that format, this was on one of the first non-advertisement pages.
> > 
> > the article here contains the following:
> > 
> [snip]
> > 
> > Someone at Corel is distributing bad info, probably with the intent to
> > make Corel seem like a real Linux company.  We need to not only
> > investigate the source of this disinformation, but begin our own media
> > campaign to set the record straight.  An appology to Debian from Corel
> > will NOT inform the public of the truth.  IMHO, it is time for Debian
> > developers and users to write articles about the disinformation spread in
> and what chanel would you say we should write these? i'm ready put some
> words down right now.

I'm not sure on this one, but the entire multitude of Linux news organs seems 
apropriate, as well as any other computer and/or technology news organ.  I 
believe it would be best to take a "Ha, ha, everyone makes a mistake now and 
then..." approach.  It is importantant to let the public know that the only 
connection with Corel is that Debian provided thier software, but care should 
be taken to not sound like crybabies.

> > Infoworld and other news organs.  There may be no way of knowing if these
> > are intentional propagandi or simple mistakes.  It does not matter, as the
> > damage is the same.
> i agree. i should point out that infoworld doesn't even come close to what i
> would call a reliable information source. don't let the "Founded 1979" or
> whatever fool you. it is a collection of adds held together by propaganda.
> the problem is that a lot of IT folks read it, and their oppinion has a lot
> to do with where linux ends up in the real world. the entire issue this week
> was a "Yay! Corel!" smear.

Infoworld may be a tool, but all news agencies are suckers for well written 
and enticing copy.

> it does however paint linux as being very close
> to desktop ready, albiet with KDE. <antiflame> note that i havn't installed
> kde yet so i can't say if _that_ is propaganda or kde really is the next big
> thing </antiflame>

I'd also like to stop the spreading of the the idea that a desktop should look 
and act like another OS we all know, but no longer use.  There's no reason 
that a different aproach to the GUI and desktop can't be as good or better 
than the Mac/Win aproach.  (I'm more than happy with WindowMaker and tkdesk, 
although I've been thinking about a collection of already existing and yet to 
be written apps that could replace the venerable tkDesk, but thats a thread 
for when my coding skills are much better!)

> shall i recomend we form debian-media-presence?

Sounds good to me, any problems or suggestions about this?

I believe that a media presence would be good for Debian, and that any Debian 
event or occurence should be announced to the mainstream.  This includes any 
Debian involvement at expos and confrences.  Also helping with the Debian 
Documentation Project < http://www.debian.org/~elphick/ddp/ > would be a BIG 
step in improving/creating a public identity for Debian.  I need to take my 
own advice on that one.  The always anticipated Debian Weekly News may also 
welcome some participation, if Joey wants it, that is. He does seem to do a 
lot around here.

I believe strongly that Debian is by far the best Linux (and HURD) 
distribution available.  Its NOT so important to me that others agree, but it 
IS important that Linux and GNU are well represented to the public.

Perhaps we should start a new thread on this, it doesn't have much to do with 
Debdiff ;->.


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