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Le 2000-02-02, Michel LESPINASSE écrivait :

> However, I think Thomas is wrong to blame mbr and debian for his security
> breach...

I am not blaming mbr, which does exactly what it was written for.
I am questioning the usefulness of introducing a new, peculiar behaviour
that augments the vulnerability of the system, and I blame boot-floppies
for not documenting the fact that this peculiar behaviour is the
system default.

> switching from debian to something else seems dubious... (and I feel that
> debian is doing a good job on security compared to other distros).

I was thinking so too.
> I would be very tempted to mock you for your "I wont use your software if
> you dont agree with me" argument if you were not a debian developper
> yourself :)

The fact that I am a Debian developer has no relevance to the fact
that I am reluctant to use and promote the use of a Linux distribution
wherein an important security concern is not given cosideration.


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