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Re: Problem with Linux clients and ypserv

In article <cistron.20000203174737.J1870@tausq.org>,
Randolph Chung  <randolph@tausq.org> wrote:
>Was wondering if someone know if Debian has this problem too. People in the
>local LUG has found that RedHat's yp* programs are broken and are supposedly
>working with RH to resolve this.

It's not the yp* programs that are broken. The "ypbind" daemon is
supposed to keep an eye on the NIS server and switch to another
one if it stops responding. That is it's sole purpose in life -
otherwise you wouldn't need a continious running daemon.

Debian uses ypbind-mt from Thorsten Kukuk. That version is pretty
good in trying alternate servers if the primary server goes south,
I've witnessed it switching several times without any problems.

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