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I've been meaning to learn scheme, and I happened across a link
to Rice University's "DrScheme" environment.  It consists of a
Scheme implementation, libraries, IDE, debugger, etc.  A separate
package of scheme source code will build an optimizer, and it
looks like another provides access to COM/ActiveX crap on windows.

While I realize we have plenty of high-quality scheme implementations,
the unique thing about DrScheme is that it is cross-platform
(i.e., it can be built on Windows, Macintosh, or Unix/Linux).

It has lots of instructional materials, plus the environment can
be run in beginner/intermediate/advanced mode to help you catch
syntax errors (etc) as you learn.

It is licensed under the LGPL.

I think this might make a good package, especially in light of the
recent threads on "Debian for Kids" and "Educational" applications.
DrScheme was developed to be a programming environment for use in
educational settings.

Is anyone looking for a package (set of packages) to take on?  I
think this could be a useful addition.


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