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Re: /usr/local

On Thu, 3 Feb 2000, Brian Ristuccia wrote:

> On my debian box, /usr/local was a symbolic link to /local, so boxes NFS
> mounting /usr on my box could provide their own files for
> /usr/local/whatever
> Unfortunately, some package I upgraded today messed around with my symlink,
> deleting it and then creating an empty /usr/local tree. I can't figure out
> which package is responsible to file a bug.

base-files creates /usr/local and empty dirs under /usr/local but only if
/usr/local does not exist (maybe some other package removed /usr/local?)

In either case, I can change this behaviour so that this is only done in
the "first install" of base-files (which is performed by the boot-floppies
on a chrooted environment to create base2_2.tgz). Would this improve


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