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new bootconfig addresses mbr issues

Instead of reading the rest of the mbr thread in debian-devel, I've managed
to change bootconfig in dbootstrap. It now behaves like this:

Prompts for lilo install
  Asks if you want to install lilo into the mbr
    if yes, installs and exits
    if no, installs onto the partition superblock of the root device
If lilo is installed in the partition superblock, try to install mbr
  checks to see if the device is the first hda/sda/ida/rd device
    if no, warn about potential bios problems
  installs mbr, with notice about the ability to boot from floppy, and a
    pointer to the install-mbr doc (it installs mbr with *NO* parameters)
  offer to make the debian partition the active partition
    if declined, gives instructions on how to boot debian

other notable fixes from before:
Always installs mbr on first device (hda or sda or c0d0) (closes #53113)
Better management of /dev/{ida,rd}/c0d0 devices. I can't test these, but it
seems to be ok.

Please test it out, and point out to our friend who posted to bugtraq why
he's being completely ridiculous. <sigh>

These changes will go into the next release of boot floppies, 2.2.7.

As before, constructive followups to debian-boot@lists.debian.org. Flames to

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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