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Re: creating binary modules

>>"Adrian" == Adrian Bridgett <adrian.bridgett@iname.com> writes:

 Adrian>   b) the "*-modules-source" maintainers grab kernel-source-*, untar that and
 Adrian>      /usr/src/<their-module>" tarballs, run make-kpkg ... modules_image, and
 Adrian>      then upload the results.

 Adrian> Points for b)
 Adrian>   - module maintainers have to download kernel-source (~12MB)

        Just get the diffs, and you do not need the kernel-source

 Adrian>   - module maintainers may not have easy access to box

 Adrian> In both cases, there is the difficult of keeping things up-to-date -
 Adrian> for b) every *-module-source maintainer has to
 Adrian> watch out for new versions of kernel-image-*. [2]

        Well, isn't that inherent in any synchronization scheme?

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