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Re: Away for a while

>>"Michael" == Michael Alan Dorman <mdorman@debian.org> writes:

 Michael> Of course it could just as well mean that the maintainer forgot to
 Michael> type (closes: bug#blah) in a changelog, and since the bug system has
 Michael> been so damn slow to update lately, didn't remember to recheck the
 Michael> list of outstanding bugs 48 hours later when he or theoretically she
 Michael> could have discerned that it still open.

        I had been aware that we were going to freeze in January since
 the aborted freeze last november. So I presume we all knew that the
 freeze was imminent.

        Two weeks into the freeze, it is not unreasonable that
 packages with RC bugs are given short thrift.

 Michael> Is there no grace given for human fallability in this project any
 Michael> more?

        Oh, stop throwing a tantrum. It is not as if the deletion is
 permanent -- you have still the serttling period to get the
 bloody thing back into potato.

 I don't think it's worth washing hogs over. Larry Wall in
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