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xqf removed from potato because of 1 bug...

...resulting from a failed upload ten days before that I simply hadn't
had had a chance to correct?  This for a package that had previously
been bugless?

Oh, and as to the notification about these removals...

While I don't feel slighted because I wasn't personally contacted, and
even though I predate the apparent requirement that one be subscribed
to debian-devel-announce, I am a little suprised that when I did go
back and look at the archives for debian-devel-announce, I found there
was no pre-announcement, there's just a message from Richard saying
"These have been removed".

That, it seems to me, _does_ constitute insufficient notification.

But whatever, it's one less package for me to have to deal with.  I
can certainly maintain my own copy, even if the project doesn't want


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