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Thomas Quinot <quinot@email.enst.fr> writes:

> Le 2000-02-02, John Goerzen écrivait :
> > If anything happens to LILO you'd like to be able to boot another
> > partition.
> This is ludicrous. What if anything happens to your MBR, in that case?
> FUBARing your system will always yield a FUBARed system, no matter
> how many layers of crap you tackle upon it.

Have you EVER read a single WORD of documentation in your life?  If
you had read the documentation for LILO, you would know that LILO is
TOO BIG TO FIT IN THE MBR.  Therefore it requires file on the Linux
partition in order to work.  If these files are missing, LILO WILL NOT
WORK.  If you put LILO in your MBR, having these files missing will
mean that your SYSTEM WILL NOT BOOT.  If you use MBR, which is small
enough to fit in there all by itself, you will not have this problem.
MBR does not require Linux to run.  MBR does not require Linux to
change preferences.  MBR does not require Linux at all, in fact.  LILO
does, and LILO is helpless without it.

> Thomas.
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