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I believe that I have found two bugs in WindowMaker that are not mentioned
in the bug tracking list.

The first is that when windowmaker is installed it does not add itself to
the /etc/X11/window-managers file anymore.  Are we supposed to add it by
hand now or is there a new window manager chooser that I am not aware of?

The second problem and more serious issue deals with sessions.  Since
upgrading to the lastest version of the wmaker package (0.61.1-2) I have
been unable to save my session.  I cannot get windowmaker to remember
changes to my workspaces or to the clip.  To resolve this problem I have:

- looked at www.windowmaker.org for clues
- looked through the mailing lists archives for debian-user and devel
- looked through the bug tracking archives at the wmaker package
- tried deleteing my ~/GNUstep directory to let it revert to defaults
- restoring a backup, from a few months ago, of my ~/GNUstep directory
- dpkg --purge wmaker ; apt-get install wmaker
- purging all wmaker related packages and reinstalling
- removing every package dealing with x and reinstalling them

Is anybody else having this problem?  Are there some things that I am
missing.  My guess is when the wmaker-gnome and wmaker-kde packages
were combined into the wmaker package some flag concerning sessions was


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