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RE: Debian for kids

(Damn, outlook made this a personal reply; I'm resending it to the list)

> By the way I started the xteddy project with the toys of my son.  Why
> doesn't anybody send more such stuff to me to include it in Debian?
> He like to see his beloved friends sitting on the desktop.  Ask your
> children if they would like this and send me pixmaps ...

About more such stuff..  I've been involved in the SEUL/edu for a while now;
and there are LOTS of stuff that would need packaging, allthough most are
some kind of beta.
  On their/our site you'll find links to "kidsgames" and "linux for kids"
too.  I'd be happy to see more debian enthusiasts on the seul-edu-mailing
list too.

Check out www.seul.org/edu

Regards EOF,
   Erik Olof Fredrik, Was to become a teacher but got a well-paid
programming job instead....

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