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Re: KDE: a plan how to solve that

On Wed, Feb 02, 2000 at 03:07:09AM +0100, Fabrice Gautier wrote:
> > Currently there are no kde packages with these names, as far as I know.
> > (Then again, there are no kde debian packages...)  I looked at a
> > reasonably current kdebase deb package on someone's web site, earlier
> > this week, and it did include kvt.  I suppose I should try to find the
> > url of that web site and see if I can find out where the others are,
> > and if they have new names.
> I think you could look at http://kde.tdyc.com/Debian, this is not far
> from an official KDE site...  (and at least in the FAQ you could add
> this URL as a good source for kde debian packages.. euh... debian kde
> packages ... or whatever...)

If this page in any way makes it sound as if these packages are official
from Debian, we need to have words with the site maintainer....

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