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default settings of TERM and stty erase?

Two slightly related questions:

1. When using login from heimdal-clients (unless it has changed
since I last looked), as a replacement for /bin/login for
console logins, the TERM= setting is not set up correctly.

The upstream Heimdal authors felt that getty should be responsible
for setting TERM, not login.

I found it is possible to override the TERM setting on the getty
command line, but this is not done in the default /etc/inittab.

Which approach is correct?

2. When using telnet and telnetd from Heimdal, the stty erase setting
is set incorrectly to "^h" if the remote shell is bash, or "^?"
if the remote shell is zsh.

What program is responsible for setting the erase setting? telnetd?
login? or the users shell?
Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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