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UTP: glame

GPL license

This is GLAME - GNU/Linux Audio Mechanics.

This will be the first usable wav editor for linux.
It will be actually a lot more than a wav editor! [richi]

Authors in alphabetical order
        Belbo, Maggy, richi and XWolf
with their real names
        Daniel Kobras,
        Alexander Ehlert,
        Richard G<FC>nther,
        Johannes Hirche.


Andreas Kabel                      | akabel@slac.stanford.edu
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center | +1(650)926-5069 (office) 
2575 Sand Hill Road, MS 26         | +1(650)926-5368 (fax)
Menlo Park, CA 94025               | +1(650)917-8559 (home)

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