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Re: potato missing /dev's

On 1 Feb 2000, James LewisMoss wrote:

>  Jules> Which would be fine, except that it *is* in the default path,
>  Jules> being symlinked into /sbin.
> Well slap me silly.  I had missed this.  Then I agree in part.  It
> shouldn't be in the default path or it should by default put things in
> /dev and require an arg to do otherwise.

*slap* :-)

>  Jules> We put things in the path so people can run them from any
>  Jules> working directory.  This does seem foolish for something which
>  Jules> does somethin most people won't want if the wd is anything
>  Jules> apart from /dev.
> I agree.
>  Jules> I suggest making the file live somewhere in /usr/lib, with a
>  Jules> symlink in /dev as currently.  Then people who want to create
>  Jules> device files elsewhere just run (cd somewhere;/dev/MAKEDEV)
>  Jules> whilst people who want them in /dev run (cd /dev;./MAKEDEV)
>  Jules> which is the historically accepted way of running it.
> Why not just have it like in /dev?

Presumably, because of the FHS?  Or for devfs compatibility?

(I.e. I don't know, but I assumed there was a reason ;-)


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