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Re: dbm/glibc confusion

At 00:16 -0500 2000-01-31, Greg Stark wrote:
>There seem to be several packages that provide dbm/ndbm/gdbm/db1/db2 etc
>libraries, and confusion about which provides which and where to search for
>Kerberos4kth can use any of these and attempts to find the right one in
>configure automatically. On my system it works fine but on someone else's it
>doesn't find dbm despite having it installed.
>The questions are:
>Which dbm library is preferred on Debian. In particular which version is
>provided by glibc and where should it be found?

The situation is roughly as follows:

-ldb1 = libdb.so.2 = Berkeley DB 1.85 (glibc 2.1)

-ldb = libdb.so.3 = Berkeley DB 2.4.14 (glibc 2.1)

-ldb2 is the standard Sleepycat dist of Berkeley DB 2, its headers are in

There's also gdbm, its headers are /usr/include/gdbm.h and gdbm-ndbm.h, IIRC.

In woody I want to discourage use of the db libs that come with glibc,
because upstream has removed them from the sources for the next major
release of glibc, which may or may not be released in time for woody (even
if it is, I probably won't put it in right away).
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