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Just discovered big bug!

At least it looks like one. I accidently delete a newline in my hosts.aloow
file namely the one after the sendmail entry. As you might imagine it didn't
recognize the following comment as such and found the hosts.allow file
invalid. So far so good. 

I found the first bug however when I looked into the mail.log file. Here's
one entry:

warning: /etc/hosts.allow, line 1: bad net/mask expression:

Yes, this is literally copied. And no I don't have these characters in my
hosts.allow file. This is just a bug. I think it is in libwrap but I'm not

So as you might imagine sendmail did not like it and answered with

NOQUEUE: Null connection from localhost [] 

on each mail I fed it via fetchmail. Yes, that means the mail was not
delivered. But fetchmail simply didn't care at all and flushed my mailboxes. 

I'm stunned. 

According to my mail queue there was no bounce send back. The mail simply
was lost in a bit bucket. This IMO is an intolerable behaviour. If I have to 
accept mail loss due to a missing newline Linux is no better than other


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