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Re: What happend to Netscape?

On Fri, 28 Jan 2000, Colin Watson wrote:

> cdysthe@oddbird.dyndns.org (Christian Dysthe) wrote:
> [Also to debian-devel]
> >On 27 Jan, paul wrote:
> >| 2) Libc5 version works a little better than libc6.
> >
> >I tried both. I have never been able to see much difference.
> Well, I was going to try out the libc6 version for a while when it
> appeared in potato (or am I going mad and it was libc6 all along?), but
> the netscape-base-4 maintainer appears to have decided that it should be
> libc5 again. :( I'm reminded of a yo-yo ...
> Is there any reason why we can't have netscape-libc5 and netscape-libc6
> packages? It would seem to solve a lot of problems with people who need
> one or the other, and eliminate this switching back and forth.

Yes, I am working on that.  I maintain all of netscape.  You will note that
netscape-base-4(the wrapper) and plugger both support installations of libc5
and libc6 netscapes.  I haven't yet uploaded new netscapes, tho.  The
scripting to build the debs isn't simple, and I need to test it all as well.

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