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RE: Problems with dependencies in new libc6 package

On 28-Jan-2000 Henrique M Holschuh wrote:
> The new libc6 package (2.1.2-12) is causing some dependency problems. It
> conflicts with libc6-bin which is required by some other packages, causing
> their removal (when using dselect, at least).
> I've checked, and no bugs are open against these packages (e.g.: w3m; the
> latest netscape-base-4) requesting the removal of the libc6-bin dependency.
> It appears that either the libc6 package should be fixed, or severity
> "important" bugs should be filled against all packages depending on
> libc6-bin...

Joel decided not to have a libc6-bin package, so anything that wants it should
be RC bug'ed.

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