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Re: KDE not in Debian?

The kde team has done a great job integrating the debian package building code into their CVS. Or was it a Debian developer that did this. Whoever it was... kudos to them.

It's a shame that the issues (??) with the license remain. But I for one really don't care. I love debian, and sometimes I like using KDE. And as long as KDE is available as Debian packages, or I can build debian packages for KDE, I don't care wether it is included in the standard Debian distro or not. I'll just have to add another line to my sources.list for apt-get. This is why I love Debian.

What I'd really like to see is a source version of apt-get. Like the FreeBSD ports collection. I think distributing KDE source should not be a problem. And obviously distributing qt by itself is not a problem (It's already included in debian I think). So just do something like "apt-get source-install kdebase". It gets the qt packages required, installes them, gets the kde source, compiles it on the user machine and installes it. That should work.



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