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telnet, ktelnet, vs ssltelnet


Somebody submitt a bug report (important) #54557 that telnet (in
heimdal-clients) should coexist with telnet (in telnet-ssl).

I thought this would be easy - just update both packages to use


The problem is the telnet package.


Since telnet from heimdal-clients and telnet-ssl provides for
a drop in replacement for telnet, they both conflict with telnet.

Currently heimdal-clients and telnet-ssl must provide telnet. Both
packages have received bug reports about this.

However, that means both heimdal-clients and telnet-ssl must conflict
with each other, too.


One solution I have considered is updating telnet to support
update-alternatives, too. However, I think there might be
some problems:

- it seems like an overkill. telnet is not required if one of the
alternatives is installed.

- newer versions of heimdal-clients, telnet-ssl, and telnet would have
to conflict with older versions, eg

Conflicts: telnet (<< 0.14-10), telnet-ssl (<< 0.14.9-1), heimdal-clients (<< 0.2l-6)

However, I seem to remember that trying to use a version number on a
"provide"s package like this is a bad idea, and both heimdal-clients
and telnet-ssl provide telnet.

Brian May <bam@debian.org>

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