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Re: KDE not in Debian?

John Lapeyre wrote:
>    Who is "they" in "they have given ..." ?  If I understand correctly, the
> issue is that chunks of GPL'd code (I never heard how much) have been included
> in KDE.  This code was written previously by people who are not associated
> with KDE. KDE can not add a clause allowing linking with non-free libraries
> to the license on this code because they are not the copyright holder of this code.

The KDE source code is there for all to see. Given the furor over KDE
during the past two years, it seems to me unlikely that any "illegal"
code exists within KDE, or it would have been found by now. True, KDE
did take a lot of existing GPLd code, but to the best of my knowledge,
all of this code already linked to the Qt library. But since they have
not yet been found or identified, any remaining pieces of GPLd code must
be so small and trivial that the use of them easily follows under the
heading of Fair Use.

Are there clear instances of copyright violations in the KDE code? If
there are, will someone please do their civic duty and announce it to
the community?


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