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INN Peace Project

I caught Marco on #debian-devel on IRC last night my time, and we had a chat
about the INN situation, with inputs from Wichert and others on the channel.

We have a plan.

By popular demand, and because Marco has confirmed his willingness to maintain
INN 1.7.2 for potato, the INN 2.2.2 packages will be renamed to inn2, et al,
and the 1.7.2 packages will be reinstated as inn, et al, for potato.

I am going to do one more upload of inn, inn-dev, and inewsinn to reinstate
the 1.7.2 packages.  I am adding suitable conflicts with the new inn2 packages,
incrementing the epoch, updating the control file package descriptions to 
indicate this that is for support of existing installations and inn2 should be 
used for new installs, adding code to the preinst to try and detect cases where
users have already followed me to version 2.2.2 to offer the option to abort
the "upgrade" and switch to the inn2 packages.  I'm also taking a quick stab 
at fixing the config files not listed as conffile in the packaging that are 
getting overwritten... and reopening all the bugs I've closed against inn by
upgrading to 2.2.2, since they are still present in our 1.7.2 packages.

Once these are installed, I expect Marco to go to work on some of the 
outstanding bugs as the new maintainer, leading to at least one more upload
of the inn packages for potato before the dust settles.

Meanwhile, I have renamed the 2.2.2 stuff to inn2, inn2-dev, inn2-inews, and
am adding a task-news-server that will guide users to select inn2 for new 
installs.  I've updated the packages to suitably conflict with the 1.X versions
and provide what I think are all the right things.  I sincerely hope our
release manager will consider this plan reasonable, and allow these packages
into potato.

I remain unconvinced that having 1.7.2 packages in potato is in our overall
best interest, but it seems important to enough people that I'm taking these
steps to ensure that the needs of all of our users are met as conveniently
as possible by our upcoming potato release.  Because we all expect INN 2.3 to
be released before woody freezes, and we all expect 2.3 to be something all
existing 1.X and 2.X users will want to upgrade to, we expect this split to
persist only for the potato-as-stable timeframe.


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