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ssh2 -- broken x11 forwarding

Hello list.

After the nice winter break, I switched my apt/sources.list file to
'frozen' from 'unstable', and performed an apt-get update && apt-get

Well, ssh2 broke. There are several bug reports on file -- this one even
tells how to fix the problem:


The report was filed on 30 november 1999. (Which makes me wonder how I
missed this problem back then!) (I also wonder if perhaps the fix really
isn't a fix so much as a hack? It looks like fix to me, but I don't know
the full situation...)

Many people use ssh2 for x11 forwarding so it seems funny to me that the
bugs for ssh2 wrt x11 forwarding are only marked 'normal', especially since
it seems to be a selling point of the software, but after a recent email
(Wichert? Richard?) denouncing frivilously high severities, I sure don't
want to touch it -- besides, if after ~50 days, the 'normal' severity bug
isn't fixed, I doubt that bumping it higher will do much -- the maintainer
must be pretty busy.

So, if someone out there that uses ssh2 wouldn't mind checking into the
possibility of an NMU for this thing (I would, 'cept my Debian-maintainer
hat is on back order...) I would very much appreciate it. However, since it
is non-free, I could understand if it isn't very high on The Project's

Just for the record, I have not previously contacted the maintainer, Edward
Brocklesby <ejb@debian.org> -- this is my first email to anyone about it
that got through... (Before I checked the bugs for ssh2, I tried emailing
'debian-users@..' -- that got bounced. :) 

If this is important to The Project, I thought people might like to know a
bit sooner rather than a bit later.

Thanks for the wonderful product everyone!


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