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Re: Net install of potato, problems with lynx.


I got that error and found that there is a problem between debconf and the
lynx package. When the debconf priority is set to high, the installation
script breaks. Set debconf priority to low, answer the
installation questions and everything should be allright. 

Cesar Mendoza

On Tue, 11 Jan 2000, Kenneth Scharf wrote:

> Guess I'm a tester.....
> I tried to install Potato via the internet.
> Downloaded all floppies and installed base, configured
> networking, and ran dselect (after modifying
> /etc/apt/apt.conf and /etc/apt/sources.list)
> Almost every went well...except lynx.
> .. dpkg error processing lynx
>   subproc post - install script returned error exit
> status 30
> I purged lynx and tried apt-get
> ....lynx failed to configure, with exit code 30
> I also saw a message that /usr was busy ??? (no disk
> is  NOT full, df shows /user 16%, / 11%
> Beside's lynx the following was observed.
> 1: no way to specify DHCP for IP address during
> network setup portion of install (I can do this all
> the time with redhat).
> 2: I wanted to put lilo on the MBR of /dev/hda but the
> root filesystem is on /dev/hdc1.  The install script
> won't do this by default, I suppose I could have
> shelled out and re-ran lilo.  Instead I booted using
> the rescue disk and mounted the root partition, then
> edited lilo.config and reran lilo.  I got a warning
> that this configuration might not work due to the bios
> (but the bios sees all 4 drives, even though it won't
> boot any but C:).  Anyway changing to /dev/hda for the
> boot block and keeping the root at /dev/hdc1 works
> fine.
> 3. somehow I managed to misstype my root password
> TWICE!! resulting in not being able to log in as root!
>  Yuck.  Had to boot using the rescue disk, mount the
> root partition, and edit /etc/passwd and /etc/group. 
> Muprhy's Law!!!!
> Tomorrow I'll try configuring X.  Probably have
> something else to report.
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