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Re: IPv6 address/port format

On Mon, 10 Jan 2000, Chris P. Ross wrote:

>   I've seen people use both "IPv6-addr port" (space sep.) and
> "IPv6-addr/port".  I think I really like using '/', and haven't yet
> found a place where that will cause problems except for in URIs.
> Using spaces is just universally compliated.  I guess we could use
> something like '%', but then again, me randomly proposing things here
> is probabaly not the best place to make suggestions usefully.  ;-)

The various RFCs for URIS basically mandate a format like this:


Trouble is that IPv6 numberic addresses are incompatible with that form..
Using % (uri escape char) and / (uri path seperator) are both no

We may just find that you cannot use IPv6 numeric addresses at all with
alot of things...

It seems to me that using : for the seperator was a very bad idea :<


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