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Re: ^c broken in latest potato

In message <Pine.LNX.3.96.1000108135253.2108T-100000@calvin.shorelink.com>
          George Bonser <grep@shorelink.com> wrote:

> Cant seem to kill a running process with ^C anymore. Noticed the problem
> last night but do not know when the problem crept in.
> I can suspend the process with ^Z and then kill it manually with kill but
> ^C does not seem to work anymore. 

I've noticed this after 'su'ing, and filed a bug report (#54496)
against login. I've also noticed it after sshing in, which happens on
two of three identical boxes but strangely not on the third, which
I've reported to Ben Collins, but I'm not sure what it's down to.



Joseph Heenan, Coventry, UK              http://www.ping.demon.co.uk/

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