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consensus on removing TeX and Emacs from standard

I do agree with that proposal.

I am volunterally working with computer-clubs of young immigrants,
mainly german and jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union to
Germany. I also work with several schools and university courses in
Russia and Belarus.

All these people are interested in computers but cannot spend more
than about USD 100-200 for their equipment. So they mostly have
IDE-HDDS of 120-500 MB.

With dselect I can install a working LINUX system even with X, but
without KDE on small 486 computers. We do buy these here in western
Europe for about USD 50, with Monitor and CD-ROM for about USD 100
and send them to schools in the Chernobyl zones or other russian

I always have the problem that Emacs and Tex are bound with other
necessary items. I beg for pardon, but only a few people today are
still learning Emacs or Tex.

Removing Tex and Emacs from the standard packages would help me a lot.

Maximilian Eberl
Ludwigstrasse 2
67346 Speyer

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