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Re: ITP: debwrap

01 Jan 2000 02:20:32 +0900, Atsushi KAMOSHIDA <kamop@debian.org> wrote about Re: ITP: debwrap (<199912311719.CAA09363@mail.qg7.so-net.ne.jp>):
kamop> >>>>> In <19991231115235.A1706@visi.net> 
kamop> >>>>>	Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> wrote:
kamop> >> 'debwrap' is a wrapper program for dpkg/apt-get, which reply questions
kamop> >> of each package described in {pre,post}-inst scripts.
kamop> >> 
kamop> >> The mechanism of debwrap is that debwrap executes the
kamop> >> command(dpkg/apt-get) using psudo-terminal and debwrap gets from
kamop> >> STDOUT of psudo-terminal, puts to STDIN of psudo-terminal, so, if
kamop> >> debwrap gets a question line from {pre,post}-inst of each package,
kamop> >> debwrap puts the corresponding answer.

Who decide corresponding answer on this structure?
Many maintainers have already choiced debconf, maybe they have not time
adding new informations.

If you decide how to set it, you must have a good communication with
all maintainer of package which need interactive question. It will
need quick response, quick change, quick upload to do so.

You, Kamoshida, you have a RC bug(#43201) (and two normal bugs),
must fix them quickly, don't you? It leaves alone for 134 days.
Kenshi Muto

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