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Re: Return Message

Why are we always getting bounces such as this to mailing lists and bounces
when posting to the lists from Oracle mail server software?  Is it
misconfiguration or is the Oracle software fatally flawed?

Could we change the mailing list configuration to bounce all email that comes
through Oracle software?  I think it will be the only way to solve this
problem properly.

Does anyone know why Oracle and Lotus (Lotus is as bad as Oracle) are
incapable of properly implementing mail servers?  Is the SMTP protocol to
complex for them?

I don't mind that Oracle decides that Postfix, Qmail, and Sendmail are all
not good enough and decides to write their own mail server.  But if they
can't write a mail server that works properly I think that blocking everyone
on the net who uses such broken software will be the only solution.

Russell Coker

On Fri, 31 Dec 1999, PL_ORAPOST wrote:
>The included message could not be delivered to the following invalid mail
>names.  Please verify these names and try them again.
>Bad name:  twielga

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