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Re: new "toy story" release names

On Thu, Dec 30, 1999 at 03:25:37PM -0800, Kenneth Scharf wrote:
> If we run out of names from toy story, How about using
> the names of the various starships from Star Trek? 
No, not at the minute. Will the folks at Pixar / Disney let us use some
pre Toy Story names.

Andre and Wally B
Big Red's Dream
Tin Toy

and my favourite: Luxo Jr. (Luxo is a US trademark)

All these were short computer generated animations over a 15 year period
prior to Toy Story.  On a Disney tape as Tiny Toy Stories.

Or move to a non-Pixar name scheme: Bruce/Ian may like to take that one
further for Progeny to emphasise it is a Debian product :)

Just my 0.02 euro


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