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Re: Java problem

reassign 48807 jdk1.1-native

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Michael Meskes wrote:

> > I reported this as Bug #48807 against version jdk1.1 1.1.7v2-2
> > some time ago.

> So that means this is an old bug and one that's not fixed.

That's true.

> Or is it fixed in the latest release?

Don't know, I didn't try out newer versions, because the bug was not
yet closed.

> Hay, if SuSe is able to run that software why aren't we.

I just found out, that the bug only occurs if you use native threads.
Simply add the option -green to java and it will work correct
(removing jdk1.1-native[-dev] also should help).

> And btw. I know others who successfully run the very same software
> (linux-kontor) on a Debian potato system.

If you increase the actual PIT to >=10000, you also won't notice this



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