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ITP gemdropx, madbomber, defendguin, ...

Id like to package all the games http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/x/ which I
can get working. All games are (gemdropx will be made) GPL. As nobody
reacted to my call on debian-devel-games, it seems I'll have to package them

Most of these games use SDL (available as libsdl* in debian) for sound
output, some also for grafics. As our libsdl is not current (a wishlist bug
has allready been filed) I think I'll have to build them without sound at
the moment.


PS Do I have to retract ITPs also? I then retract my ITP for xgfe. The
author did not answer and I could not build the package on a potato system,
only on slink. As it would be contrib or non-free (qt1) anyway, Ill drop it

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