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Re: new "toy story" release names

On Fri, 24 Dec 1999, Kenneth Scharf wrote:

> By now I'm quite sure some of you have seen the new
> toy story movie, and have mined it for new release
> names.  I just saw it with the kids this week and took
> note of some of the new characters.

Mine is too old these days. She wants to see Sleepy Hollow instead ;-)

> So how about (not sure of the spelling) Weeze (he's a
> penguin so this is a natural!), Zorg (Darth Vader
> type) Jessie, Stinky, and Bullseye (did I miss
> anyone?). Maybe chicken man.

Well, the connotation of Weeze is "difficulty breathing" with I don't
think we need to associate with a distribution, even if it is true.

Zorg? Wasn't he in "Fifth Element"? Anyway, unless we are going to compete
with AT&T Unix, I don't think we need any "evil dudes" as a distribution

Now, after all that negativity, the positive: Bullseye sound great for the
next release; maybe we should rename Potato to Stinky ;-) and Jessie has
all kinds of Freedom associations, so it might work too.

At the rate we are getting releases out, there should be a new "Toy Story"
out before we use up these new names...


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